Speed up your machine learning projects with our data classification and labeling services

Our services include

  • Create labeled Data for training and testing Machine Learning models
  • Gathering and annotating metadata: Human or machine.
  • Labeling Images or Video data
  • Natural language Processing: Tagging conversations to meaning.
  • Localization in major languages including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi etc

Engagement Models

Model 1: You drive strategy and tools, we help with Execution

Your tools, we just provide manual data labellers or reviewers

Model 2: We help you with Strategy, Tools, and Execution

We help you formulate your strategy for data creation, data preparation, tools for capturing labelled data, and also provide manual data labellers or reviewers

Case Studies

  • Labeling of Expense Receipts to train and test ML Models for catching Policy Violations
  • Human classification of the content containing hate speech
  • Content similarity labelling for catching plagiarism
  • Document reviews for verifying Business legitimacy